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Q:  Why can't I just hire a part-time or full-time employee to handle these areas?

A:  In addition to hourly wages, costs associated with new employees include payroll taxes, insurance and other benefits.  These fixed costs are often not feasible for a small business.  In addition, new employees need to be trained and managed, thus often giving you more responsibilities instead of less.  Also, most employees are trained in just one area of expertise such as accounting or personnel and may not be able to handle the diversity of tasks you need done.

Q: My accountant handles all of my financial and accounting issues.  Why do I need Advanced Office Solutions?

A:  Advanced Office Solutions is not a CPA firm and will not replace your accounting firm.  However, we may be able to save you money by handling many of the bookkeeping functions that do not require the expertise of a CPA.  Also, more automated and organized internal record-keeping should result in less hours required by your CPA firm.

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